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Don’t be a Victim of Sloppy Furnace Installation

Sometimes dishonest HVAC companies will pose as professionals and carry out mediocre and incorrect installation, repair and maintenance jobs. The first sign that your furnace installation is botched is if dirt and debris come out of the floor vents when you switch the heating system on. The debris could include things like grit, aluminum shavings, wool insulation and soot. When this kind of dirt comes out of your vents, it means that your furnace has been incorrectly installed.

This will not be a one-time incident – do not simply clean the mess and give it no further thought. Not only will the debris and dirt continue to spew out of your air ducts, the furnace blower will ruin the air quality of your home and constantly generate a thick layer of dust from one corner of the house to the other. The health of your family will be at risk, especially for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

In this case, you need to immediately contact a professional certified furnace installation provider to conduct a proper vacuuming of the ducting and to make sure that furnace installation is correctly done.

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