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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

Summer is now upon us, which means that your air conditioner is probably turned to full-blast. Nothing is worse than being caught without an air conditioner in the middle of a heat wave. Identifying and fixing small air conditioner problems before they develop into something more serious is the best way to save yourself time, money and aggravation. Here are some signs that your air conditioner is headed for a breakdown and needs a repair.

Poor Air Flow

If the air is coming out of your air conditioner slower than it used to or not at all, it’s a sign of a developing issue. Air conditioners are designed to increase air circulation, so it shouldn’t take a long time for your unit to produce cold air. Poor air flow could be the result of many different issues. It could be a problem with the unit’s compressor, or there could be debris tapped in your vents that is preventing proper air flow.


A small amount of condensation on an air conditioner is normal, but excessive amount of leaking or dripping water is cause for concern. Excess moisture may be the indication of a serious problem in your unit’s internal machinery. If left untreated, excess moisture from your air conditioner can cause your unit to malfunction, and can trigger health and safety issues such as mold infestations.

Odd Noises and Smells

Air conditioners make some noise while operating, but loud grating, scratching or sputtering sounds are signs of a problem. Unpleasant smells for your air conditioner could mean that the wire insulation in your unit needs to be replaced. These may seem like small problems, but you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle if you have your air conditioner replaced as soon as you suspect something is wrong.

Don’t wait until it’s too late—if you think something might be wrong with your air conditioner, contact us at Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for reliable air conditioner inspection and repair.

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