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Common Plumbing Noises & What They Mean

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Just like with everything else in your home, there are going to be some regular noises coming from your plumbing every now and again. A little bit of creaking is always going to happen and isn’t a sign that anything is wrong. However, there are other times when noise could mean that there’s a serious problem. Just like a siren on a railroad track signaling an incoming train, sounds coming from your pipes could mean big problems are on their way down the tracks. Listen in for these noises, and get them taken care of immediately.

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When your pipes start whistling, this most likely means that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. The most common issue that we have found when encountering this sound is that there’s debris in the pipe. It’s best to have a professional come over and take a look. If you try to fix it yourself, there is a good chance that you could cause more damage.


When your drains are gurgling, this is a sign that there’s something clogging them up. While most people are aware that clogged drains usually come with a gurgling sound, what they are not aware of is that these problems can get out of hand quickly. Have the professionals from Mattioni come over and inspect the piping. There is no telling how far the backup goes without getting your hands dirty.


It’s not normal to hear rattling when you turn on the shower or flush the toilet. What your plumbing is trying to tell you is that something is loose. If you have loose piping, then this could cause big issues if not taken care of. As soon as you begin to hear this noise, call us immediately so we can get it fixed. It might only be a minor issue at the moment but could become a big problem later on.

Banging or Clanging

If you hear a noise like banging, clanging, knocking, or vibration, or some combination of sounds, you’re probably hearing hydraulic shock, aka water hammer. Water hammer occurs when pressure changes rapidly inside a pipe, causing the water to literally “hammer” into the pipe wall and make a noise.

Most of the time, water hammer occurs in modern plumbing because of fast-closing valves — either automatic solenoid valves or manually closed taps — but that’s just one of many sources of this sort of pressure shifting. Trapped air, certain forms of open-air tanks, worn or poorly secured plumbing, and other factors can also cause or magnify the issue.

Regardless of its source, water hammer is always an issue worth bringing to a plumber; if water is hitting the inside of your plumbing hard enough to make a noise, then it’s hitting hard enough to do damage over time — it could even pop a seal or valve open and cause a massive leak or flooding.

When your plumbing makes noises, it normally isn’t a sign that something is totally wrong. Still, there are times when noises are a sign of something bad. You don’t want a small issue to get out of hand and cause major damage. Next time you hear something and think, “What is that noise?” you’ll know what these common plumbing noises are.


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