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How to Fix Uneven Temps in the Home

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It can be frustrating to deal with uneven temperatures when you’re trying to relax and enjoy your home. If you find yourself needing to carry around a sweater just to move from the bedroom to the living room, you know there’s a problem. Luckily, there are some things you can try before calling a heating and cooling service that may make the temperature in your house even throughout.

Three Ways to Improve Temperature Uniformity

The first thing you should do is make sure your thermostat is set correctly. It may seem silly, but you’d be surprised to know how many people overlook this step. With heat, for example, the fan should be set to “on” rather than “auto” to keep air moving around even when active heating is not occurring.

The second thing to check is your air vents. Hold your hand up to each vent while the heating or cooling system is on, and make sure you can feel air flowing. If you can’t, you may be dealing with a blockage that must be removed to get air circulation up to par. Sometimes, the blockage is immediately visible, such as clumps of pet hair in the grate, but other times, it can be deeper in the ductwork and require professional removal.

In a pinch, you can set up fans at critical points in your home to get air moving around more efficiently. However, it won’t be as effective if the problem is somewhere like an office or bedroom where the door is frequently closed. Additionally, fans are not usually pleasant when you’re trying to circulate heat because they will cool the air down somewhat as it blows throughout the house.

The Zoning Option

Sometimes, there isn’t anything you can do to get your home’s temperature even without professional intervention. This is especially true in older homes where the systems weren’t built efficiently. The most energy-efficient and affordable way to get your home temperature where you want is to go for zoning, using a ductless mini-split conditioning system. 

Zoning with mini-splits allows you to control the temperature of each room they occupy, so that guest room that runs cold can warm up. The sun-facing office that heats up during the day stays cool. 

Let Mattioni Make the Difference

For ultimate climate control and up to 30% less energy consumption, zoning with mini-splits is ideal. Contact Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. via our online form for more information. 

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