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How to Tell if Your Pipes are Frozen

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It’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling from the trees and Old Man Winter is not too far down the road ready to come knocking on our doors. The winter comes with its fair share of problems for both our bodies and our homes. One of which is frozen pipes. If yours freeze up, then you’ve got to call a professional immediately before it’s too late. Here’s how to tell if your pipes are frozen.

Banging noises

Not only are they incredibly annoying, but banging noises coming from inside your walls can be a sign that you’ve either got some restless spirits or that your pipes might be frozen (we hope it’s the latter). If you run the sink and hear a large settling sound, banging, clanking, or whistling, then it is important that you pick up the phone and dial a plumber immediately.

Chronic plumbing issues

You don’t realize just how great it is to turn the handle and see fresh water coming out of the faucet until the day that it doesn’t happen. If you constantly are finding yourself in need of a plumber for issues like that, then it could be because the pipes are frozen. Clogs and other issues such as no water flow are dead giveaways that the witch of winter has its icy grip on your poor home plumbing system.

Bad smells

Nothing is worse than a terrible smell emanating from your home’s plumbing. While this could be for many reasons, a deep freeze is often the culprit in winter. The ice makes the water become stale and prevents good flow. This in turn will cause the contents to fester. If you are noticing more and more bad odors from your sink or shower, then it’s time to call in the pros.

The winter is slowly but surely creeping up on us and will soon be here to cast its shadow on all of the great Fall fun we’re all having. Don’t let it get to your home too. You can do your best with heating pads to thaw them out, but it is always better to call a reliable plumbing service. Now that you know how to tell if you have frozen pipes, watch out for these signs next winter and give us a call if you experience them.

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