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What to Do When You Drop Your Ring Down the Sink

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You dropped a favorite ring down the sink; now what? Before you panic or waste time bashing yourself for your carelessness, know that your ring can still be salvaged if you follow the steps outlined below. If you complete the retrieval process and you still can’t reclaim your ring, never fear!

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Step 1: Don’t Run Any Water Until You Get Your Ring Out

This may seem like an obvious step, but it is crucial to refrain from flushing your ring further down your drainpipe and out into your mainline. Often, a ring will get lodged in the P-trap (or U-bend) of your sink’s piping. If no water runs through the system after the ring enters, there is a good chance it will stay there until you retrieve it. 

Step 2: Remove the Pop-Up Drain Stopper

In this scenario, your ring has fallen into a bathroom sink. Removing the drain stopper will allow you to get to the area you need with ease. Remove the pivot nut that holds the horizontal pivot arm onto the pop-up drain stopper (this can be done by hand, no tools necessary). Attempt to locate your ring with a retrieval tool. If your ring isn’t there, proceed to the next step. 

Step 3: The Shop-Vac Technique

The Shop-Vac technique employs the use of a nylon stocking and Shop-Vac vacuum to recover your lost ring. This method has you slide the nylon stocking over the end of the Shop-Vac nozzle and hold it tightly in place with your hand. Then, place the stocking-covered end over the drain and turn on the Shop-Vac so that it can suck out your ring. The Shop-Vac force should cause your ring to rise and meet the end of the nylon stocking where you can retrieve it. 

Alternate Step 3: Removing the P-Trap Method

An alternative method to the Shop-Vac technique for locating your lost ring is to check your P-trap. The P-trap is located under the sink and is made from metal or PVC in the shape of a sideways “P.” First, place a bucket under the sink pipes to catch any water that exits the pipe. Remove the drain stop at the back of the drain to ensure nothing that would inhibit the ring from falling into the P-trap. Remove the P-trap of the sink by loosening the nut above and below the trap. Dump the contents of the P-trap into the bucket and — fingers crossed — your ring will be there!

Didn’t Find It? Contact the Mattioni Team for Drain Cleaning 

If you still could not locate your lost ring after these methods, call in the professionals at Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to finish the job. Our team can snake a tiny video camera into your drainpipe to help locate the lost ring. A video camera inspection is a fast, reliable method for finding your ring promptly and safely. 

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