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Tree Roots Can Seriously Damage Sewer Lines

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A large portion of the plumbing drain piping that services your home is not visible. The hidden portions of this system are buried under your basement floor or outside the home. Over time these areas can often become damaged due to excessive soil pressure, shifting, or excessive tree root growth. If the roots are allowed to grow unrestrained in exterior and older drains, they may become large enough or plentiful enough to cause a total collapse of the sewer line.

The Mattioni plumbing team has specialized cameras and video equipment designed specifically for sewer line blockages. When we arrive at your home, the first thing we set out to do is locate the main cleanout – a space that allows us to access to a home’s drains. Once located we use a rooter machine to clear as many roots and debris out of the way before we send in the video snake camera down the pipe.

If the video recording reveals a functional drain pipe all the way to the municipal sewer, then regular cleaning every few years may be all that is needed. If the video recording shows partially collapsed or substantially damaged sections of pipe, or if the piping is completely blocked, major repairs are required.

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