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What to Look for When Buying a New AC

It’s finally happened—your AC has had one out of many malfunctions. Or maybe it isn’t performing as well as it used to, no matter what you do. Perhaps you’ve had it for a long time—more than 15 years. Whatever the reason might be, one thing is clear: You need a new AC and you need it soon. Not sure where to look or what to look for when buying a new AC? Lucky for you, the pros at Mattioni are here to help you out!

1. Find and Consult a Professional

The first thing you should do when you’re looking for a new AC for your home, is to consult a professional. Find somebody who can give you sound advice about the right AC for your home and your cooling needs. In addition, talk to them about the installation process, what that looks like, how long it takes, how much it will cost etc. It’s important to do a little bit of research and ask around about the manufacturers and professional AC installers who can do a decent job. This should be your first step, as your local HVAC company can provide you with correct information. If you are in Chester County, contact the pros at Mattioni for any questions about HVAC installation!

2. Size of Unit

It’s important to ensure your air conditioner is the right size for your home. If an AC is too big for your home, that might lead to significant energy loss. However, if it is too small, it might have to work overtime and continue running consistently to provide cooling for your home. Getting the wrong size unit can cause other problems in the future with air flow, temperature consistencies and energy bills. Make sure you get the size appropriate for your home—consider your square footage, ceiling height, insulation, climate and construction materials.

3. Energy-Efficiency

It’s important that the model you get is energy efficient. Your AC’s energy efficiency is measured by Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, with the government requiring all air conditioners to have a SEER rating of 13 or higher. If your AC has a SEER rating of 14 to 22, it will fall in the energy-efficient category. For more energy-efficient options, consider looking into appliances that have been rated by Energy-Star. Keep in mind, when you purchase a new, energy-efficient AC and pair it with old equipment such as an older furnace or blower motor, you might not see the savings. It’s important to consider your equipment’s compatibility with an energy-efficient air conditioner.

Have More Questions About Getting a New AC? Contact the Pros at Mattioni!

Chester County residents: If you want to learn more about what you should look for when buying a new AC, what the installation process looks like and how much it costs, contact Mattioni. You can call us today at 610-400-8510 or schedule a service on our website!

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