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Air Conditioning Systems: Tips and Types

It’s safe to say that even though it’s technically still spring, summer and hot temperatures are fast approaching. If you’re looking for an air conditioning solution, the first tip to consider is to start shopping early, before you’re trapped in sweltering heat and scrambling to cool your home down. Unlike the onset of deep winter freezes, hot and humid conditions can come and go suddenly.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

The three main types of air conditioners are central air or HVAC, room or window units, and split models.

Central air conditioning distributes cooled air through the same duct system as your heat in the winter. It involves an exterior fan that sucks in air from the outside and passes through a cooling unit that is often part of your furnace. This type of AC solution is convenient and reliable, and best of all cool your entire home evenly. It is also easily controlled and monitored.

Room air conditioners are units that are either placed in a window or on the floor of a room and typically only cover a certain area around them. The area they cover is related to their BTU (British Thermal Units) output. As a general rule, for every square foot of room to be cooled, you need about 20 BTUs. These types of units are affordable, but only cover a limited area and don’t perform well in large open-concept areas.

Split model AC units (sometimes called ductless) are installed through a wall and require more renovation-type work to install. They consist of two separate units, one outside and one inside, with the outdoor unit able to service multiple indoor units. These are often more aesthetically pleasing than window models and have better performance. They circulate air quite well and can be a great solution for limited area cooling.

Whichever type of air conditioner you end up buying, remember that Mattioni offers professional air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair in Chester County, PA, backed by decades of dedication to customer service and a loyal customer base. You can talk to us on 610-400-8510 for all your future HVAC needs. 

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