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Air Ducts: How They Impact Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Your air ducts are a vital component of your HVAC system—a proper, well-maintained ductwork system keeps your indoor air quality healthy and the indoor temperature consistent. Any issues with your air ducts can impact the heating and cooling efficiency in your home. If you want to learn more about the role your air ducts play in keeping you comfortable, keep reading this guide brought to you by the pros at Mattioni!

How Your Air Ducts Work

If you’re a homeowner who frequently uses their HVAC unit, it’s important you have a basic idea of how your air ducts work. Your ductwork consists of a return vent, supply vent and, of course, the air ducts, which are primarily located out of site. When you turn your thermostat on and heating or cooling begins, the return vent sucks in indoor air, which is transferred to your unit through the air ducts. After the indoor air is warmed or cooled, it is transferred through the supply air ducts and enters your home through the supply vent. So essentially, your air ducts transfer air from the return vent to your HVAC unit and eventually to the supply vent.

Potential Problems with Your Air Ducts

Sometimes your air ducts can go through some wear and tear, which can create some issues. Here are some potential problems your air ducts can have:

  • Air Leaks

Your air ducts are often made of fiberglass or sheet metal and are secured with the help of nails or other fastening tools. While this might work, it can increase the likelihood of gaps and air leaks. There is a great deal of air pressure in your air ducts, which might cause a significant amount of air escaping through these gaps. This can increase your energy bills and force your HVAC unit to work overtime to reach the set temperature.

  • Dust and Dirt

If your air ducts aren’t cleaned, dust and dirt will most likely build up in them. This will worsen the quality of indoor air, leading to a variety of allergies and reactions.

  • Mold and Pests

Unmaintained and unclean ducts can not only lead to dust and dirt build-up but other issues such as mold growth or even pests like cockroaches. This can worsen your indoor air quality and cause health issues.

How You Can Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Ducts

Here are some ways you can improve the performance of your air ducts:

  • Seal Your Ducts

It’s important you have your ductwork inspected for any gaps, cracks and air leaks. While you might be inclined to seal ducts on your own, it’s better if you have a professional HVAC technician seal them.

  • Have Your Ducts Professionally Cleaned

After sealing your ducts, consider having your ducts professionally cleaned. While you can use the extension of your vacuum and reach through one of your vents in order to clean your ducts, a professional cleaning service will be more thorough.

  • Clean Your Vents

Make sure your return and supply registers are clean and don’t have any dust or dirt on them. Use the brush extension of your vacuum cleaner to do this. You can also use a damp cloth to completely remove any remaining dust.

Maintain Your Air Ducts with Mattioni!

If you want to learn more about how your air ducts impact heating and cooling efficiency and how you can improve their performance, get in touch with the pros at Mattioni! Call us today at 610-400-8510 or schedule an appointment online!

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