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Baseboard Heating Systems are Efficient and Practical

Baseboard heaters are composed of an electric heating element encased in metal pipe. Air warmed by the heating unit rises to the top of the room, and cooler air is drawn into the bottom of the heater. Each unit has a separate thermostat to allow for different temperatures in each room, allowing for reduced energy consumption when unused rooms are not heated. For many, baseboard units are seen as the ideal room-by-room heating solution since they require little space, no ductwork, and the initial cost is relatively low.

Some baseboard heating systems are hydronic – meaning they use water to convey heat to a designated area. This baseboard system consists of tubes that transport hot water to places where heat is needed.

Baseboard heating systems are usually hidden under the floor surface; they can also be installed in walls and ceilings.

There are several advantages to having a baseboard heating system in your home:

– The systems are completely noiseless.
– There is no forced ventilation, so dust in the air is minimal and therefore the system is a much healthier method of heating a home. The home remains fresh without the stuffy feeling often associated with forced air systems.
– Baseboard heating eliminates dampness and excessive humidity and reduces mold and dust mites considerably.
– With no flames, fans or hot surfaces to burn, baseboard systems are safe for children and the elderly.

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