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Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance

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Tired of unexpected cold showers, rising energy bills, or having your hot water run out in mere minutes? Whether in the bustling city of Phoenixville or the suburbs of Rutledge, keeping your water heater in top shape is essential to maintaining year-round comfort. This blog will explore the advantages of regular water heater maintenance and how even the simplest preventative measures can go a long way.

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The Benefits of Regular Water Heater Maintenance

Regular water heater maintenance is more than just a chore to check off your to-do list. It’s an investment in your comfort and savings. Here are the top reasons why it’s a good idea to make water heater maintenance a priority:

  • Improved efficiency: Keeping your water heater in good condition means faster heating times and less energy consumption.
  • Enhanced comfort: There’s nothing worse than running out of hot water mid-shower. With regular maintenance, your hot water needs will be consistently met. 
  • Reduced repair costs: By catching and addressing minor issues early on, you can avoid costly repairs.
  • Better water quality: Regular maintenance removes sediment buildup that would otherwise gunk up your water heater, deliver hard water, and cause frequent clogging in your showerhead and faucets.
  • Increased safety: Whether you’re using a gas or electric water heater, regular maintenance ensures everything is working as it should, preventing potential leaks.

Extend Your System’s Life Span With Regular Tune-Ups

In addition to the above benefits of regular water heater maintenance, the biggest impact is that it also helps extend the life span of your water heater by up to five to 10 years. While it’s recommended to schedule professional tune-ups for your water heater at least once every year, there are things you can do to maintain your water heater’s efficiency while in between appointments. Here are a few preventative measures you can start doing today:

  • Check for leaks: Regularly inspect your water heater for any signs of leaks. Addressing leaks promptly can prevent water damage and extend the system’s life.
  • Monitor temperature: Keep an eye on the thermostat temperature settings. Setting it too high can lead to overheating and potential damage.
  • Flush the tank: Periodically flushing the tank to remove sediment buildup is an easy DIY maintenance task that can improve efficiency and water quality.
  • Keep area clear: Ensure that the area around your water heater is clear of clutter and debris. Proper ventilation is essential to prevent overheating and maintain efficient operation.
  • Regularly replace filters: If your water heater uses a water filtration system, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for changing filters.

Schedule Water Heater Maintenance With the Mattioni Team

Now that you know the benefits of keeping up with your water heater’s maintenance, it’s important to know when it’s time to call in the help of a professional. Whether you encounter any issues, are unsure about the maintenance process, or don’t have the time to stay on top of all the maintenance on your own, the Mattioni team is here to help. With over 75 years of industry experience, a commitment to excellence, and full pricing transparency, you can trust that your water heater is in good hands.

Is your water heater showing signs of wear and tear? Let the Mattioni team tackle the job. Schedule your water heater maintenance today.

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