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How to Save Money on Heating Expenses


Staying warm and cozy shouldn’t have to come with a high price tag, but sometimes it can. If you have an older or inefficient heater, your monthly utility bills have probably spiked during the winter season.

At Mattioni, we believe everyone deserves a warm home. Here are our top tips on how to save money on heating expenses.

1. Stock up on socks.

Fun fact: if your feet are cold, your whole body will feel cold. Wearing layers of clothes and snuggling up under warm blankets will definitely help you keep warm. But first and foremost, cover your feet. Make sure to wear socks and/or slippers around the house this winter.

2. Tap into heat sources.

You don’t have to generate all of the heat in your home from one source. Use solar heat from windows, heat from the oven while you cook, and even steam from your shower to keep the house feeling toasty.

3. Gradually lower your thermostat.

If you try to turn the thermostat all the way down right away, you will probably get cold and give up. If you gradually decrease the temperature by one degree every week or so, your body will acclimate more seamlessly. The less work your heater has to do, the more money you will save.

Another option is to consider investing in a smart thermostat. Thermostats can track your energy usage and help you optimize your home temperature for comfort and affordability.

4. Change your air filter.

Your air filter protects you from dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne particles. But when it becomes too clogged, it restricts the airflow in your ducts. Make your heater’s job a little bit easier by changing your filter regularly. We recommend replacing your filter every 30 to 90 days to keep your heater running efficiently.

5. Rotate your ceiling fans.

Did you know the same ceiling fans that can help cool you down in the summer can also warm you up in the winter? Rotate the blades on your fans to turn counter clockwise and they will push warm air that rises to the ceiling down towards you.

6. Schedule a tune-up.

The more efficiently your heater is running, the lower your utility bills will be. The most effective way to ensure efficiency, protect your warranty, and prevent repairs is to schedule a heating tune-up with a licensed HVAC technician.

At a tune-up, your technician will clean and lubricate all of the interior parts of your heating system and check for any hidden problems. Heater maintenance gives you the peace of mind that your system is operating as efficiently as it possibly can.

Still wondering how to save money on heating expenses? Call Mattioni.

If your utility bills are still sky high no matter what you try, it might be time to repair or upgrade your heating system. Give us a call at Mattioni and one of our certified and experienced HVAC professionals will help you find a solution.

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