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What a Sewer Camera Can and Cannot Find

Sewer line cameras are an invaluable tool that qualified plumbers use to identify the location and cause of problems within your plumbing systems. Highly efficient and effective, we use sewer line cameras to provide fast, effective, and permanent plumbing solutions to our clients in the region.

What Sewer Cameras Can See

There are plenty of things a sewer line camera can see. They make it easy to spot clogs in the pipes, tree root intrusions, broken pipes, cracked pipes, and collapsed pipes. In the hands of a trained plumber, they can be used to detect rust, sagging, drainage issues, determine what types of pipes you have, and more. Sewer cameras are entirely noninvasive, and when properly used, they will not cause damage to your plumbing system.

What Sewer Line Cameras Can’t See

On their own, sewer line cameras can’t detect leaks. They can indicate a leak is possible, but they can’t see outside of the pipe to confirm a leak. If the camera sees a break, hole, or crack, that doesn’t necessarily mean the pipe’s exterior is compromised. Conclusive leak detection requires performing a leak location test to confirm or repudiate what was seen by the camera lens.

Trust a Professional Plumber

It is normal to want to do things around the house. Whether it is painting the walls or pruning the bushes, there are many chores to do. But when it comes to plumbing, it is usually best to leave the work to a professional, certified plumber. That is because if you make a mistake or miss something along the way, you could end up doing significant damage to your home and endanger your health.

This is especially true when it comes to sewer line camera inspections. Sure, you can rent a camera for a hundred dollars or so, or buy your own camera for a few hundred dollars. But that doesn’t mean you know how to use it, and there is the genuine potential for causing significant damage to your pipes if you use it wrong. Not to mention, you may damage the camera or get it stuck in the pipes. More importantly, without specialized training and experience, it’s unlikely that you will accurately interpret what you see in the video feed.

Finally, if you choose to buy a sewer line camera, you will have an expensive camera sitting on the shelf that you may want to use once every few years. And if you need it more frequently than that, it is an indication that you need professional plumbing services because your plumbing problems are continuing to persist without resolution.

And perhaps the most obvious reason not to use a sewer line camera: Your plumber will want to perform their own inspection before doing any work. No qualified plumbing company will start poking, prodding, and digging around without confirming what work needs to be performed and what repairs are required.

You Can Always Depend on Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

At Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, our certified plumbers are experts at our craft. We know how to use sewer line cameras and interpret the information we see through the lens. When you need service, you can count on the advice and expertise of our certified plumbing experts.

Contact Mattioni at 610-400-8510 to schedule a sewer line inspection of your home. We’ll use our sewer line cameras and expertise to determine the true condition of your plumbing systems.

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