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How To Clear Sewer Tree Root Infiltration Without Killing the Tree

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Split drainage pipe caused by ingress of tree roots

Is your West Chester, PA, home’s plumbing system experiencing frequent clogs? Are you calling for professional drain cleaning services more often? The problem might be deeper than you think. Though trees provide your yard with much-needed shade and beauty, they can also be at the root of your drainage problems—literally!

As trees grow, their roots expand and crisscross their way across your yard, constantly looking for water and nutrient sources. Unfortunately, one place they find water and food is inside your pipes where, once they’ve entered, they continue to grow and spread. Leaks, clogs, and burst pipes can occur, and you might need to replace your water or sewer line.

Traditional sewer line replacement is notoriously messy and requires tearing up yards and digging trenches, a process that can, sadly, cause the death of one or more trees. Trenchless sewer repair is a unique, dig-free method that minimizes damage to your yard and avoids killing any trees.

Your Tree Can Be Saved During Sewer Services

Modern trenchless sewer line replacement eliminates the need to attack a tree’s root. Along with saving your trees, the minimally invasive solution:

  • Can be completed more quickly than traditional methods
  • Requires less labor, which translates into lower overall costs, often up to 75%
  • Uses superior materials, so pipes last longer, typically 50 years or more

Trenchless methods are also more eco-friendly, utilizing fewer resources and reducing landfill waste.

How Trenchless Sewer Line Services Work

At Mattioni Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we use advanced trenchless technologies that perform far better than conventional sewer line repair techniques.

Our trenchless sewer repairs begin with a sewer scope and camera to visually pinpoint the location and cause of the root issue. The work is performed by highly trained technicians and professional plumbers certified in trenchless pipe lining. The process includes:

  1. Accessing the sewer line at both ends.
  2. Feeding a cable through the existing sewer line.
  3. A new custom sewer line is attached at one end of the line; on the other, a machine pulls the cable through the old pipe.

As the new line advances through the old sewer, it breaks and pushes fragments out of the way, making room for the new line to come through.

Choose Mattioni To Save Your Trees

Sewer line damage can result in thousands of dollars in damage and repair costs, so the sooner you solve the problem, the less expensive and time-consuming it can be. The Mattioni Team has provided professional trenchless sewer line replacement services and other common sewer line issues that might affect your home.

Since 1948, we’ve been dedicated to serving our Chester County customers with the highest quality plumbing and HVAC services they can always depend on.

Contact us online or call us at 610-400-8510 to learn more about safely removing tree roots from your sewer lines.

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