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Signs That Your Hot Water Heater is About to Fail

It’s easy to forget just how convenient it is to have hot water flowing throughout your home. Without it, bathing and cleaning are out of the question. Who wants to jump into an icy shower first thing in the morning? Every minute that goes by without a working water heater is another minute that you and your family spend in discomfort.

A lot of our customers call us up asking “Why isn’t my hot water heater working?” – so we thought we’d share some signs that your hot water heater is about to break. Use these tips along with professional preventative maintenance to help avoid disasters.

Sign #1) Leaks or drips around the unit

The hot water heater should be a solid unit, and any pipes leading out of it should be completely sealed. A leak is a very bad sign. It could be a sign that the unit is getting up there in age or a sign that the pipes are not fastened correctly. It could even be a sign that there is too much pressure. The water will accumulate around the bottom of the tank, so keep your eyes out for puddles. If you spot them, call us immediately.

Sign #2) It’s getting old

This one is the easiest to forget since it won’t often manifest itself visually until it’s too late. Most appliances, especially more modern ones, are built to last longer, so you could easily get 10 years out of one with regular preventative maintenance. Check the age, and if it is getting to be close to a decade old, then you are going to start running into problems.

Sign #3) Erratic temperatures

You know that your water shouldn’t be scalding or freezing, but a sign that your heater is about to break is that the temperatures don’t stay constant. This is a sign that the unit is about to go and needs some help. It could be an electrical problem or a number of different issues. Don’t let this one go. Trust the professionals to come take a look.

Without hot water you are going to be in a world of discomfort. Many people even choose to relocate to hotels just to get some modern conveniences back. Don’t ignore these signs that your hot water heater is about to stop working altogether or you’ll be left without hot water. Remember that preventative maintenance is the best way to make sure you never have plumbing emergencies. Call us and speak to one of our plumbing experts for more information.

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