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Some of Our Customers’ Most Common Plumbing Questions

Being professional plumbers in the business for so long, we get a lot of questions. Whatever they may be, we do our best to provide people with helpful answers. Our years of experience have given us a wide base to work off of, and after careful consideration we have narrowed down the most common plumbing questions that our customers ask.

Why won’t my kitchen faucet stop leaking? Is this a big problem?

Our home plumbing parts are just like our bodies. Over time, they start to age and just don’t work as well as they used to. When plumbing parts get old, they often leak. The problem with your faucet is most likely that the parts are starting to deteriorate. If you’re lucky, then you can just replace the washers, but usually replacing the faucet itself is the best option since parts can be expensive.

Why won’t my toilet stop making that running noise?

We all love it when our toilet flushes with no problems, but what if it doesn’t stop flushing or making that running sound? All of the water wasted and frustration spent on trying to find a fix can really add up. Our customers want to know why and how to fix it. Chances are that the toilet is running because the flapper isn’t closing properly, or there is something wrong with the water level. Give us a call, and we can have it fixed in no time.

How can we avoid frozen pipes?

Winter is never kind around here – especially not to our homes’ pipes. If your pipes freeze, this could end up causing big problems for you and your family. Avoiding frozen pipes isn’t easy, and there is no guaranteed way to do it. We recommend insulating your pipes, and if the temperature is going to get really cold outside, then leave a small drip of water running all night in the kitchen. Having the water flowing will help keep them from freezing.

Over the years, we’ve received all kinds of questions. In general, these have been the most common, and the most practical ones that we can answer for you here. If you have any of these problems, then we hope that we’ve solved your issue, and if the problem persists or you need help with any other plumbing issues, call the pros at Mattoni, and see why our customers love us.

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