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How Fast Can You Have a New AC Installed: Timing, Seasonality, and Scheduling Logistics

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The AC installation process doesn’t have to take more than a couple of days. There are some ways to expedite your air conditioner installation if you need to get a cooling system set up in your home ASAP.


From fine wine to your golf game, some things only get better with time. One thing that certainly doesn’t, however, is your home’s comfort without air conditioning.  

If you’re going through a cooling emergency, and are left high and dry without working AC, a next-day installation is the quickest way to get you back to your normal life. 

Ideally, your new AC decision shouldn’t be rushed as there’s some research to be done, including weighing the pros and cons of each type of air conditioner. However, we know that some situations call for quicker action. 

When it comes time to get serious about your new air conditioner, the Mattioni HVAC installation team proudly offers free same-day in-home consultations and next-day installations. These turnaround times are among the fastest in the Greater Philadelphia Area.   

While some cooling emergencies are more dire than others, getting your new air conditioner up and running as soon as possible makes all the difference in your short-term comfort. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the quickest way to get your AC installed, including tips on how to navigate peak season demands and make swift decisions without sacrificing quality.  

After reading this, you’ll have a good idea of how to identify ways to expedite your AC replacement process and get some relief from the heat. 


Steps to Take Before You’re Ready to Schedule an AC Installation

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Before you’re ready to schedule an air conditioner installation, you’ll first have to select a specific AC model. This will take as short or long as you’ll need to make your decision.  

There are a lot of AC system considerations in play, including energy efficiency, up-front costs, performance, and longevity.  

While we don’t advocate rushing through this step as it’s a good idea for anyone to do their own research, you may find yourself looking to make a decision ASAP.  

The most efficient way to speed up the research stage of your AC replacement search is to schedule an in-home consultation with an HVAC professional. You’ll have the opportunity to go over all your options and ask any questions you have along the way. 

An in-home consultation can get you to the point of scheduling a next-day installation by the end of the 1-2 hour appointment. 

At Mattioni, our same-day in-home consultations minimize the time your home is left without quality AC. 



Does Every HVAC Installer Offer Next-Day Installations?

While the answer to this question will vary by season and by company, the more resources that an HVAC company has at its disposal, the greater the likelihood there is that they’ll be able to offer next-day installations. 

Things like the number of HVAC installation technicians, the number of service vehicles, and the supply of equipment affect an HVAC company’s ability to carry out next-day installations. 

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During the peak of summer, smaller companies likely won’t be able to schedule a new installation for a few days. Larger companies with more installation technicians and service vehicles are better equipped to provide next-day installations.  

One of the benefits of being in the industry for over 75 years is the relationships that our team at Mattioni has developed with our suppliers. Because of these strong relationships, it’s extremely rare for our HVAC installation team to run into a waiting period of more than one day for a supplier to ship your new air conditioner to us before we can bring it to your home.  

While our team constantly looks to adjust our installation schedule based on the level of our customer’s needs, in periods when numerous homeowners are installing new equipment (like during a heat wave), there is the very slim chance that high demand will limit the speed of installation that we can offer. 

In these cases, Mattioni’s service team rarely pushes scheduling further than two days out. 


How Long Does a New AC Installation Take?

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Once you’ve done your independent research, chosen your new AC system, and made any necessary financing arrangements, you’re ready to get your new air conditioner hooked up and running. 

The time needed to install your new air conditioner will vary based on onsite considerations like ductwork modifications and new refrigerant lines, however, a straightforward installation can be done in about 2-4 hours.  

If more work is needed to properly install the AC unit, it will most likely still be completed within one day. There are very few exceptions where time on a second day is needed to install your new air conditioner properly.  


Are There Any Short-Term Cooling Options to Get You to Your Installation Date?

Most of the year, a quality HVAC company will be able to install your new air conditioner within 24 hours. However, for those high-demand situations during the peak of summer, the Mattioni team has a supply of window AC units to lend to anyone experiencing a cooling emergency.  

We believe everyone should be able to stay cool and sleep comfortably in their own home, so we’re here to help bridge the gap until you get your new AC up and running. 

If you are searching for a short-term cooling solution, don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly service representatives at Mattioni by calling 610-400-8510. 


What Can Slow Down Getting a New AC Installed?

  1. While our financial partner typically handles financing approvals in a few minutes, this is one of the few aspects of your installation that can potentially slow it down. Making financing arrangements ahead of time by getting pre-qualified can ensure that payment doesn’t slow down the process. 
  2. If you need time after your in-home consultation to do more independent research, this can also slow down the process. Mattioni’s expert installers are always here and ready to begin your AC installation as soon as you’re confident that you’ve found the system for you and your home. 
  3. On the day of installation, onsite considerations like modifications to your ductwork, new refrigerant lines, and complex access to the job site can slow down the installation crew.  


What’s The Best Season to Replace Your Air Conditioner? 

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If you’re in a cooling emergency, then planning out which season makes the most sense to purchase a new air conditioner likely isn’t a reality.  

However, if you can have a bit of foresight and plan your new AC installation before the situation becomes dire, the best times of year to replace your system are the spring and fall. This is for a couple of reasons:  

  • You’ll already be set up for comfort during the entirety of the hottest parts of summer.  
  • You may find better prices or other incentives from manufacturers or installation companies during the spring and fall as there’s more demand for AC installations during the summer. Manufacturer pricing trends also indicate equipment pricing will increase over time. 

If your air conditioning system is getting close to 12 years old and is nearing the end of its lifespan, planning its replacement for the spring or fall will help you in these ways. Remember that the summer months are typically when lingering AC issues rear their ugly heads.  

Perhaps most importantly, planning your replacement ahead of time will prevent a cooling emergency that could lead to you spending more because you need AC installed right away.  


Do You Need to be Home When Service Technicians Are in Your House?

While some homeowners may want to be home while the HVAC installation crew is working, it’s not necessary.  

If you cannot be home during the installation, you can arrange with your HVAC professional how access to your home will be provided, and your doors will be locked when the installation is complete.  


What Time of Day Can You Schedule Your AC installation?

Depending on your availability and the availability of the Mattioni HVAC installation team, you can schedule your installation for as early as 8am. 


Do you Need to Clean up Before Your AC installation?

As long as there is clear access to the installation work site and any other areas that your HVAC installation team may need to operate in, there is no need to clean up beforehand. 

The Mattioni HVAC team will make cleanliness considerations, such as wearing boot covers, to make sure that the work site is left cleaner than it was found.  


If You Cannot Be Home, What About Your Pets?

If you have a friendly dog or cat, there is no need to put them in a crate or close them off in a room if, unless you normally do so. We love saying hello to our customer’s pets! 

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Be sure to mention anything important the HVAC technicians should know about your pets before they arrive. 


Moving Forward with Your Air Conditioner Installation

Regardless of where you are in your air conditioner replacement search, speaking with a professional will help you along in the process.  

If you’re in a cooling emergency and need a new AC installed ASAP, scheduling a free same-day consultation is an effective and time-efficient way to learn about your options. Also, making financing arrangements, including getting pre-qualified, ahead of time will speed up the process.

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A failing air conditioner should never hold you back from living your life, so don’t let the days without quality AC turn into weeks.  

Ready to take the initiative in regaining your home’s comfort? Schedule an in-home consultation today by reaching out to Mattioni’s team of HVAC Installation Experts at 610-400-8510, or by scheduling an appointment online. 



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