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4 Reasons Why to Schedule an In-Person Consultation for HVAC Installations

In-Person Consultation | Best HVAC Consultation Company | Downingtown, PA
HVAC installation decisions are too important to make haphazardly. In-home professional consultations are the surest way to make the best decision for you and your home.
Last Revised: March 1, 2024
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In today’s day and age, we can make virtually any purchase entirely online. From things like groceries and coffee to a brand-new car, you can pay online and have anything shipped directly to you. 

When it comes to new HVAC equipment, however, just because you can buy it online doesn’t mean you should. 

A careless approach to purchasing your next HVAC system can lead to all sorts of unexpected problems popping up in the future. Having a new system installed in your home that fails to meet your needs is not a situation that anybody wants to find themselves in. 

HVAC systems are too big of an investment for you to make a purchase decision based on scattered information from random online sources. Researching options on your own is great, but it should only be the beginning of the process.  

A mindful approach to HVAC installations starts with identifying and prioritizing your own heating and cooling needs. As you look for systems that fit these needs, you’ll begin to narrow down your search to a handful of options. But before you get close to making a final decision, it’s wise to set up an in-person consultation with a professional for a variety of reasons.  

Having an HVAC Professional in your home before the day of installation is a resource that shouldn’t be passed up. When it comes to Mattioni’s HVAC installation team, we’re not only knowledgeable but we’ll also actively listen to you as you navigate concerns surrounding your new installation.  

We consult with homeowners every day and want to ensure all your questions are heard and answered. We pride ourselves on making sure that each new HVAC system we install is the perfect fit. 

In this article, we’ll point out the specific reasons why in-person consultations are so important when installing a new HVAC system. 


  1. Free, No-Risk Appointment Setting

    First, every homeowner should schedule an in-person HVAC installation consultation because they are entirely free. We believe that this part of the purchase process is vital, so we’ve removed any financial risks associated with bringing one of our HVAC Professional into your home. 

    Whether or not you’ve already researched potential HVAC systems to purchase, this appointment creates an opportunity to increase your understanding of different systems. Every homeowner should take advantage of a free face-to-face conversation with a professional. 

    In fact, a sign that a company may not provide the highest installation quality is if you are charged for this type of consultation.   

  2. Worksite Assessment for the Physical Requirements of the Job 

    Most HVAC installation jobs are unique in how the new system will physically fit into place, given its surroundings. Air conditioners, furnaces and boilers must each meet specific requirements regarding their proximity to nearby walls or any other existing objects.  

    Not only that, but sometimes modifications of existing infrastructure must be made to complete the job. For example, if an access point needs to be created for a line to be properly connected to the system, a hole or another type of modification may have to be made to nearby household structures. 

    During an in-person consultation, your HVAC Professional will be able to scout the entire area around the job site. This will give you advance notice of any additional work that might need to take place for your new system to be installed properly. This will help the day of installation proceed smoothly and without delay. 

  3. Ductwork Assessments for Optimal Performance

    Most HVAC systems depend on ductwork to efficiently disperse heated and cooled air throughout your home. Compromised or poorly sized ductwork will restrict airflow and hurt the performance, efficiency and lifespan of your new system. 

    An in-home consultation will also allow a professional to inspect your ducts for any type of damage or other issues that will pose a threat to your new system’s performance.  

    Your HVAC Professional will be able to determine if your existing ductwork is capable of meeting the demands of your heating and cooling systems. They’ll make recommendations about repairs, replacements or changes that may need to be made before your new system is installed to set it up for peak performance. 

    Considering your ductwork is a crucial step to setting up your new HVAC system to be as efficient and effective as possible.

  4. Candid Conversations   

    When it comes to talking with your HVAC Professional, there’s no substitute for a face-to-face conversation. Speaking directly gives you an added layer of familiarity that can be missed by communicating strictly over the phone or through email. 

    In-Person Consultation | HVAC Consultation | Phoenixville, PA


    This comfort can allow you to have more in-depth and candid conversations that get to the root of your questions and concerns. You’ll be able to get a direct answer when it comes to quoting costs for the installation and talk about other aspects of the job that may have been missed. 


    1. Cost Estimate Conversations 

      HVAC installation investments can be significant, so doing everything you can to understand the costs associated with the project is important. As an HVAC professional surveys the job site and gets a better understanding of your personal heating and cooling needs, they’ll be able to give you an accurate price model. 

      Having this conversation in person is the surest way for you to have your pricing questions answered thoroughly. Once the site has been scoped out, you’ll also get advanced notice of any supplementary costs due to additional work that may need to be done. 

      You’ll get the exact cost for your HVAC installation during a free in-home consultation, rather than a ballpark estimate given over the phone or internet. 

    2. Discussions About Energy Efficient Products 

      HVAC systems are usually only replaced once every 10 to 15 years, so becoming educated on all your options before moving forward is a good call. 

      Energy-efficient systems are often dismissed because of their upfront costs, but many homeowners aren’t shy about pursuing steps to minimize the size of their home’s carbon footprint. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a home’s total energy expenditure is heavily impacted by our HVAC systems.  

      A recent study by the US Energy Information Association found that, on average, heating and cooling accounts for 52% of your home’s annual energy usage. This report demonstrates why making sure you select the right option to fit your needs and budget is so important. 

      When it comes to energy-efficient systems, there are always newer models with higher ratings hitting the market. Understanding the environmental and economic value of a more energy-efficient heating or cooling solution is critical in deciding what is right for you.  

      Researching online is great, but a candid and face-to-face conversation with a professional is the best place to get information about the pros and cons of installing these systems.  

    3. Education on Warranties 

      Understanding the coverage details of parts and labor warranties can be confusing. Warranties can vary between manufacturers and models, and they’re also coupled with additional warranties offered from Mattioni.   

      As you narrow your search down to a few possibilities you’ll want to keep in mind how these warranties interact with each other to gain a clear understanding of the duration and extent of the coverages for each system. 

      Once again, an in-home consultation with an HVAC Professional provides a great forum for you to ask any question you may have about warranties. Taking this step now can prevent headaches in the future. 

    4. Installation Scheduling Considerations 

      Once you’ve landed on which HVAC system to install in your home, you’ll have to figure out the logistics and timeline of getting the work done. You’ll be able to get the most accurate timeframe needed to complete the work once a professional has completed an inspection of the job site. 

      The conversation towards the end of your in-person consultation will allow you and your HVAC Professional to get on the same page.  

      During this conversation, you can discuss any accommodations that can be made to minimize the disruption to your life. For example, if you prefer the work to be done when you’re home then you’ll be able to arrange a specific time for the installation. If the job is expected to take more than one day, you can also make arrangements for temporary heating or cooling.


Mattioni In-Home HVAC Installation Consultations HVAC Consultation | Furnace Installation Company | Villanova, PA


Talking with a professional in your home is imperative in guiding any search for the perfect HVAC system for you and your home. This type of consultation offers the best opportunity to have your HVAC Professional preview the worksite and for you both to have a candid conversation about system options, pricing, and warranties. 

The HVAC installation team at Mattioni understands how big of an investment this is in your home’s future. We’re obsessed with making sure you’ll be happy with your decision, so we’re here to listen.  

In our 75 years of business, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners get set up with a new heating or cooling system. We’re here to be a resource for you as you navigate the uncertainties of installing a new heating or cooling system.  

No matter where you’re at in your home’s HVAC journey, give us a call at 610-400-8510 to get all of your heating and cooling questions answered today. 


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