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Do You Need a Dehumidifier in Your Home?

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Dehumidifier Benefits | Best Dehumidifier Installation Company | Kennett Square, PA
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Dehumidifiers will transform your home into an escape from those oppressively humid summer days. They have a handful of other, less-known benefits too.

Have you ever walked into your home and felt an unmistakable dampness in the air? Maybe you’ve noticed condensation on your windows, a musty smell lingering in your basement, or even the persistent appearance of mold and mildew in corners and crevices. 

These signs are more than just minor annoyances, they’re indicators that your home’s humidity levels might be out of balance. Excessive moisture in the air can wreak havoc on your indoor environment and your health, leading to everything from structural damage to respiratory issues.   

If you’ve been grappling with these problems, it might be time to consider whether you need a dehumidifier in your home.   

The HVAC team of experts at Mattioni has helped countless homeowners in the Greater Philadelphia Area with indoor humidity solutions and is here to share how bringing a dehumidifier into your home can improve the quality of your home.  

In this article, we’ll explore the telltale signs that signal high humidity, some of the lesser-known benefits of using a dehumidifier, and how this handy device can transform your living space into a more comfortable, healthier haven.  

Let’s dive in and find out if a dehumidifier is the missing piece to your home comfort puzzle. 


What Are the Signs of High Humidity?

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Excess moisture in the air can lead to a host of problems, from structural damage to health issues. But how do you know if your home is suffering from high humidity levels? Recognizing the warning signs is the first step toward taking action.  

Below, we’ve outlined the key indicators that your home might be too humid, so you can determine if a dehumidifier is the right solution for you: 

  • Damp or sticky feeling in the air 
  • Condensation on windows and mirrors 
  • Musty odors 
  • Warped or damaged wood 
  • Increased allergy or asthma symptoms 
  • Mold and mildew growth 
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper 
  • Rusting metal fixtures 
  • Persistent dampness in fabrics like towels 

If you’re experiencing any of these, you may want to get a reading on your home’s exact humidity levels to evaluate how severe the problem is. Hygrometers are an inexpensive device that measures humidity levels, or your thermostat may have a humidity reading already built in.  

If your humidity level is over 60% and you regularly run into any of the above issues, your home could benefit from a dehumidifier by improving indoor air quality and protecting your property from moisture-related damage. 


How a Dehumidifier Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Understanding the benefits of a dehumidifier can help you identify the significant improvements it brings to your living environment.  

From enhancing comfort to safeguarding your home and family’s health, a dehumidifier works behind the scenes to create a more pleasant and healthy indoor atmosphere.  

In this section, we’ll explore the various ways a dehumidifier can transform your home, making it a better place to live. 


  1. Elevating Comfort Levels

On humid summer days, it can seem impossible to escape airborne moisture as it makes its way into our homes, even though our air conditioners may be running at full blast. If you’ve ever felt unmistakable stickiness in your home, you know what we’re talking about. 

Your home should be a refreshing escape from uncomfortable weather conditions, but oftentimes it can be compromised by the oppressive heat and humidity. Turning up your air conditioner is a good start to transforming your home into a summer oasis, however AC falls short in its ability to remove much moisture from the air. 

Enter the dehumidifier, whose sole purpose is to condense and collect water vapor as it pulls air through its condenser and evaporator coils.  

Even amid sweltering temperatures and exceedingly wet weather, continually running this process swiftly drops indoor humidity levels below 60%, leaving you feeling refreshed and comfortable.  

By maintaining optimal humidity, dehumidifiers create a more pleasant indoor environment for relaxation, work, and sleep. 


  1. Protecting Your Health and Improving Indoor Air Quality

Beyond comfort, dehumidifiers play a key role in safeguarding your health as excess moisture in the air creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew, among other household health concerns 

Mold and Mildew | Best HVAC Dehumidifier Installation Company | Blue Bell, PA

Depending on the severity of growth, mold and mildew can cause a range of adverse health effects, from allergies and respiratory issues including asthma to headaches and irritation of the eyes, nose and skin.  

Dehumidifiers effectively keep humidity levels in check, creating an environment in which mold and mildew cannot spread. In severe cases, directly attacking mold and mildew growth with a removal solution may be needed, and a dehumidifier should be installed to prevent another outbreak in the future. 

Reducing humidity levels below 60% with a dehumidifier helps prevent the spread of mold, mildew and other allergens by promoting cleaner, healthier indoor air.  

Addressing your home’s moisture levels with a whole-house dehumidifier will effectively limit the risk of allergy flare-ups and respiratory ailments like asthma attacks. 


  1. Preserving Your Home and Belongings

Moisture isn’t just a threat to your health; it can also silently wreak havoc on your home and belongings made of susceptible material.  

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 Excessive humidity impacts every surface in your house, which can lead to structural damage like warping wood, peeling paint, and metal corrosion. 

The potential for damage doesn’t stop there: any wooden furniture, such as your kitchen table and chairs, can be harmed by excess moisture. What begins as a sticky layer on these surfaces can turn into warping, eventually leading to damage that will take years off the furniture’s lifespan. This applies to your beautiful wooden piano as well. 

In extremely damp environments, pests and insects can also thrive in wooden nooks and crannies, which threatens not only your ability to relax, but potentially the structural integrity of your home too.  

By maintaining optimal humidity levels, dehumidifiers help protect your home and wooden belongings from the costly and irreversible damage caused by moisture stagnation, preserving their current condition and aesthetics. 


  1. Increasing HVAC Energy Efficiency

Similar to outdoor weather forecasts, indoor humidity causes a “real feel” in your home. A 4% change in relative humidity leads to a 1°F change in felt temperature, and every 1°F you alleviate from your AC system leads to 4% savings on your energy bills. 

But the energy efficiency benefits don’t stop there; did you know that high humidity levels can cause your AC system to work harder to maintain the temperature you set at your thermostat? Excess moisture can interfere with the inner components of your air conditioner, causing it to use more energy to deliver temperature outputs. 

By decreasing your home’s humidity level below 60%, dehumidifiers lighten the load on your HVAC system, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills. This means that dehumidifiers can also spare possible repairs and extend the total lifespan of your AC. 

Installing a dehumidifier into your home’s ductwork to run alongside your air conditioner can transform your expectations regarding AC electricity expenditure while you enjoy a cooler, more comfortable home.

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Dehumidifiers: Enhancing Your Household’s Comfort, Health and Efficiency 

While the benefits of installing a dehumidifier start with its ability to control the amount of moisture in your home to create more comfortable living during humid weather, they extend far into aspects of home improvement and protection.  

From enhancing HVAC energy efficiency and prolonging your AC’s lifespan to safeguarding wooden belongings and improving indoor air quality, dehumidifiers hold unquestionable value to any home. 

Dehumidifiers are the unsung heroes behind creating an inviting indoor environment, so don’t wait to take the initiative to control how oppressive humidity impacts your home.  

Once installed, a dehumidifier works around the clock to keep your family, your HVAC systems, and your belongings happy and healthy. 

Reach out to Mattioni’s HVAC professionals by calling 610-400-8510 or schedule an in-home consultation online today. We’re here to answer any questions you have about dehumidifiers and get you set up with a solution that works best for your home’s needs. 

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