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The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Drains in your home are bound to clog at some point in time. All drains, even those properly installed will eventually develop a buildup of film inside the pipes. What causes this film buildup? Just think of all the different chemicals, soaps, foods and oils that get rinsed down a drain. It shouldn’t be surprising that plumbing systems do get clogged every now and then!

Kitchens, sinks and bathtubs probably represent the worst situations. Food particles and grease form biofilms inside the ink pipes. The biofilm usually looks like a layer of black gunk. You may see some of it forming when you wipe out the opening to a garbage disposal.

In bathtubs, hair can get past the course strainer over the dam. Hair gets caught in the sticky biofilm and can for a problematic blockage. Over many years, this blockage can actually harden and fully block the drain.

The first course of action against a clog should be a plunger. The repeated force and suction that comes from the movement of the plunger will often blow out a clog enough to allow the sink or tub to drain. If, after trying the plunger several times, you just see some black gunk drifting up, you will need to call the professionals in.

At Mattioni, we use the highest quality cutting-edge equipment to clean our clients’ sewers and drains. Our plumbers use cable machines, fetters, and video inspection equipment to get the job done and restore the drain to its original state.

Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. is always available to answer any of your questions concerning plumbing services. Call us today at 610-400-8510 .

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