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The Importance Of Soft Water

You may have heard the term “soft” and “hard water” before, but do you really know the difference?

For many people these terms mean little to them, but there’s a significant and surprising difference between hard and soft water.

Hard water contains a high quantity of dissolved minerals, including calcium and magnesium. Although they’re not harmful to your health, these minerals are prone to build up and often cause havoc with plumbing systems and appliances.

Many North American homes are supplied with hard water, however water softening methods have become more accessible to families over the year and having your water softened could save you hundreds in the long run.

Hard water is known to leave a scum line which means that your bath tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets will all be stained with an unsightly line from your hard water.

Cleaning this scum line is also made more difficult by hard water as the minerals in the water prevent cleaning agents from foaming up or cleaning effectively. It can also mean using a greater quantity of product when going about your household chores. This includes everything from surface cleaner to the shampoo you use in the morning.

Hard water is also bad for your skin, drying it out and even making you more prone to razor burn when shaving.

With soft water your pipes and plumbing will last longer, as they won’t become clogged by mineral deposits which can cause reduced pressure. Your water heater will also have a much longer life span and will be less expensive to heat without these deposits. In fact, all your home appliances which use water will last significantly longer with soft water than they will with hard water.

If you’re looking to have your water softened, or for more information, give the experts here at Mattioni Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, Inc. a call today at 610-400-8510 .

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