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Video Camera Drain Inspections

At Mattioni Plumbing, we use portable fiber optic drain camera technology to get a first-hand look into the hidden areas of a home. The video cameras we use can inspect a wide range of spaces, including drains, pipes between walls, bathroom pipes and even sewers.

Our video camera is attached to the end of a long flexible cable that can be threaded through the drain system from inside the home. The home-owner can watch on a video screen as the camera is pushed along the length of the drain. Once the obstruction is found, it’s easy to determine the size, type and location of the blockage. The plumber will then determine the best way to remove the obstruction with minimal damage to your home’s structure.

Prior to the introduction of the plumbing video camera, plumbers had to resort to more dramatic methods of dismantling an entire fixture or carrying out expensive excursions in order to understand what was happening on the insides of the pipework and drains. Thankfully, the video camera technology has taken all the guesswork out of repairs.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mattioni Plumbing. Give us a call to schedule your home inspection today. 610-400-8510

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