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Warning Signs of a Main Sewer Drain Clog

You may know that the sewer lines going from your home are responsible for transporting waste, yet rarely give the process much thought. However, if you aren’t aware of or ignore a problem, it can become worse, causing extensive and expensive damage.

Here are three signs that you need to have your main sewer line drain cleaned.

Strange sounds

Have you noticed that it sounds like the toilets are percolating after running the washing machine, or is there water around the floor drain in your basement? If so, this is one of the first sings you need sewer line drain cleaning service.

Slow Moving Drains

If the drains in your home are not draining as quickly as they used to, this is another sign that you need main drain cleaning services. The issue could be limited to the local pipe under the sink, but it may also be in the main sewer line. If you notice this, do not wait – contact us for service right away.

Foul Odor

Another tell-tale sign that you may need your main sewer line cleaned is if you begin to notice a strange or bad smell coming from the drains in your home. This is usually an indication that something is stuck and needs to be removed.

When you know what to look for you can minimize the damage to your drains and main sewer line. However, if you allow a problem to persist, the side-effects could become worse, including sewage backed up in your yard and home. This is why it is essential you call us at the first sign of an issue: 610-400-8510.


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