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Water Softening

People who have hard water in their home may not even know they have a problem since it is difficult to see or taste any difference between hard and soft water. While hard water is not considered to be a health hazard for people to drink, it can be very harmful for a household’s plumbing, cleaning processes and water-using fixtures and appliances.

Hard-water contains excessive levels of calcium and magnesium minerals that form a hard scale and can shorten the life of plumbing fixtures and appliances. For example, scale build-up can decrease the life of toilets by 70% and faucets by 40%. Hard scale formation can also shorten the life of dishwashers and washing machines by as much as 30-40%. Scale also tends to form on the heating elements and heat-transfer surfaces of water heaters, rendering them less effective and more likely to rust over time.

Fortunately, the problem of hard water can be typically solved with the simple installation of water softening equipment. Hard water softening devices involve the use of an ion exchange water softener. The water softener works on the principal of cation exchange in which the ions of the hard minerals are exchanged for sodium ions, effectively reducing the concentration of hard minerals to insignificant levels.

Hard water can cost a home hundreds of dollars each year as it affects laundry operations, water heater efficiency, household cleaning and the life expectancy of plumbing fixtures and appliances. When it all adds up, hard water is a waste that can be done without. The solution to these problems is as easy as installing a water softener.

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