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What To Do If Your Pipes Freeze

Now that winter is finally upon is, home owners will have new concerns regarding their plumbing. One of the most common winter plumbing concerns is frozen pipes. When the water inside your pipes freezes, it places excess pressure on your pipes which can cause them to burst. Burst pipes can cause leaks and floods which can be damaging to your home and expensive to repair. What should you do to contain the potential damage if you discover your pipes have frozen this winter? Here are a few tips and tricks about what to do if your pipes freeze from the plumbing experts at Mattioni Plumbing.

Keep Your Faucet On

If you turn your faucet on and only a trickle comes out, a frozen pipe may be to blame. Some of the most common places that pipes freeze are around exterior walls and around where your plumbing system enters your home through the foundation. If you notice this trickle from your faucet, leave the faucet running. Running water can melt and clear any ice that’s blocking your pipe. Sometimes running your faucet is all that’s needed to thaw your pipes, especially if the ice blockage is minimal.

Apply Heat Strategically

If you’ve located the area of your plumbing system that is frozen, you can apply some heat to the area in order to thaw your pipes. Apply heat to the affected area by wrapping an electric heating pad around the pipe. You can also apply heat using an electric blowdryer, a portable space heater, or towels soaked in hot water. Do NOT use heating devices such as blowtorches, kerosene or propane heaters, charcoal stoves or any other open flame device.

Frozen pipes are a serious wintertime plumbing problem, but they can be dealt with easily and efficiently. With the right tools, you can unfreeze pipes before they cause any damage. If your pipes freeze this winter and you’re unsure what to do, trust the professional technicians at Mattioni Plumbing to solve the issue quickly and safely. For all your plumbing needs, including maintenance, installation and emergency repairs, contact us today at Mattioni Plumbing.

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