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Don’t Let Your Plumbing System Lower Your Home’s Value

Homeowners who have placed their home on sale cannot afford to have hidden plumbing problems reduce the value of their homes in today’s housing slump. Many prospective buyers hire a professional home inspector before signing on the dotted line, so finding and fixing plumbing problems before the inspection takes place could save you from having to deal with reluctant buyers. It will also help expedite the closing process later.

A simple plumbing checkup can show homeowners what to look for when it comes to leaks, drips and other plumbing problems. Homeowners should call a qualified, licensed plumber for this. Our team will thoroughly check your system and the status of your fixtures. Should we encounter any problems or potential problems in the making, we will move to quickly correct them.

Here is a breakdown of the plumbing inspection we follow for homeowners who plan to put their home on the market:

  • Fill bathtubs with water and then drain to confirm good drain flow.
    Inspect the base of toilets and check for signs of water damage or soft floors.
  • Ensure that all your toilets are working well. We will check for continual running after the tank is full and make sure that debris clears from the bowl when it is flushed.
  • Run your garbage disposal and dishwasher to ensure they work properly. If we detect any blockages, we will move to clean them in order to restore your units to as good as new.
  • Examine all faucets in the kitchen and bathroom for drips.
  • Fill sinks with water and then drain to ensure good drain flow.
  • Open cabinet doors and check under sinks in bathrooms and kitchens for any sign of leaks.
  • Look for rust and corrosion on sinks as well as pipes.
  • Turn water supply valves on and off to test for leaks.
  • Carry out an inspection of your sewer line to make sure that it is functioning properly and is in good condition.

Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. is always available to answer any of your questions concerning plumbing services. Contact us today: 610-400-8510.

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