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Easily Avoided Bathroom Danger

Bathrooms should be your sanctuary, a place to relax and recharge. Unfortunately, the nature of bathrooms can sometimes make them unsafe places.

The most basic threat of injury in the bathroom comes from water. Whether it’s from the sink, tub or shower, water flows considerably in any bathroom. When water goes where it doesn’t belong, trouble can occur. Slippery surfaces due to water buildup can cause serious injury from falls.

Solution: a properly fitting shower curtain, or better yet, a shatterproof glass shower door. Non-slip mats or rugs inside and out of the tub can also help reduce slipperiness. For elderly people, installing grab bars around the shower or tub can further increase safety.

To further decrease the threat of slippage, consider the type of tiles in your bathroom. Large smooth ceramic tiles can be quite slippery, especially when wet. Two stylish choices can solve this problem: uncoated quarry tiles, which have a rougher surface, and small glass tiles, which despite being smooth create more grout lines for traction due to their small size.

To find out more about safe and stylish bathroom features, come and visit the Mattioni bathroom remodeling showroom the biggest of its kind in the area!

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